A professional Life Coach Is A Partnership that will aid in acquiring life skills and enable the client to launch and reinforce positive relationships in their personal and professional life. It is a partnership wherein a client will learn to develop and establish meaningful processes that will eliminate or minimize roadblocks between them and a fuller and happier life. It’s a partnership where the client will discover how to identify success paths, uncover possibilities, minimize inner conflict, manage stress, clarify goals, and develop actionable plans, with the outcome that everyone will benefit, including the families and the organizations they are part of, and more the benefits will flow to their employers.

One-on-One coaching offers many important benefits:

A safe, caring, and trusted independent party in which to confide. Often people are frustrated because as employees who depend on each other’s work effort they are intellectually or emotionally isolated due to the informal competitiveness generated by the mere existence of being an employee. We offer the opportunity to have a coach who is skilled and adept in helping individuals grow in their field through confidential observational and leadership development.

Being held Accountable for their goals and actions. Often accountability is the most powerful weapon of all in a coaching arrangement.

A Sounding board for difficult decisions. ClarityTree coaches are skilled in listening and being able to create distinctions and ask probative questions that will help sort through difficult issues.

The opportunity to become a member of an open, honest and nonjudgmental team whose supervening goal is to balance happiness and professional development strategy.

ClarityTree LLC, A Professional Life Coach Practice
Evoking Functional to Optimal for Life

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