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ClarityTree Secondary Coaching Option

An enhancement to coaching that's unique at ClairtyTree LLC, upon request ClarityTree will provide trained, certified, and licensed Bodyworks professionals experienced and skilled in working with clients in Life areas not normally available from other Life Coach practices. ClarityTree's elective Bodyworks sessions are clinically designed to inform, educate and motivate the Client in understanding how critical their "Personal Presence" is for success in finding greater satisfaction and happiness in life.  Moreover, through the use of awareness exercises Clients will learn how their Personal Presence always carries with it both positive and negative influence on those who matter to the Client in every turn of life, including friends, patients, congregants, clients, co-workers, leaders, managers, constituents, a boss, an audience, the public, and to every sales opportunity. Clients will come to learn that how their Personal Presence is perceived will in a positive or negative light will influence whether they are seen as a change agent or place holder, a solution or a problem, or as an asset or a liability.

Bodyworks is not just about the Physical dimensions of a ClarityTree Client, it is all about the holistic person, and largely it is about the Personal Perception that others form of the Client and their willingness and desire to cooperate with, work with, engage the Client personally, in a friendship, in a relationship, and professionally at work or in the business environment.

By way of definition, the National Institute of Health defines Bodyworks as a 'collection of movement therapy incorporating the use of small, specific behavior changes to increase physical activity techniques and healthy eating for health and balance of the entire person by working through the body'. It is commonly agreed that everyone understands that their need for improvements in areas of health and physical activity is easily self-recognized, but very few are able to recognize a need for Personal Presence improvement and enhancement.

At ClarityTree, the option for Bodyworks coaching extends the Life Coach engagement to assisting Clients in their transition from Functional to Optimal performance in the following non-traditional Life Coaching areas:  

Personal Presence

o Dress

o Style

o Demeanor

o Posture

o Stance

o Cadence

o Presentation

o Speech

o Language

o Structural Integration  


o Perceived Versus Real Fitness

o Physical Status Awareness

o Personal Planning

o Self Knowledge

o Planning For Wellness Improvement

Bodyworks coaching is an affordable and highly effective catalyst in improving one's self awareness and persona; movement education; energy level management; enhanced muscular efficiency; and their person perception by others.